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About 'Art Equals Happy' Yarns and Spinning Fibre:
Hand-spun and Hand-dyed wool can be a new and scary thing for someone who has only ever knitted with bog-standard-acrylic yarns before. I've put together a little blog post which will hopefully answer some of those questions you might be having. It tells you exactly what to expect. We like surprises, but not when buying online. It also highlights some of the special features that only Art Equals Happy wool has. Check it out here.
About Kim Smith: 
Born in California, USA, moved to England when she was 15. Did all creative A-levels at Backwell School, then London to do a BA(hons) in Illustration at Camberwell College Of The Arts (UAL). She's always been interested in retail craft shops, in fact with a Mum who was always in Quilting stores, some of her earliest memories are rearranging the 'fat quarters' of fabric into rainbow order. Colour and art has always played a large roll in her life. In 2008 (during her A-levels) Kim was diagnosed with CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Since then she's been trying to learn how to live with an illness/disability and still do something she loves. Knitting and Spinning became a kind of therapy for her (especially knitting because you can knit in bed!) and since then it's been a journey filled with fibrey goodness!
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