+++++ We make things that make us happy. +++++

Everything in store is hand-picked or hand-made with these four criteria in mind: NATURAL, RECYCLED, LOCAL and ETHICAL.

While not all products cover all basis, they do at least support one of these ideals. We really want you to be confident that you're supporting awesome things that are not hurting the Earth or anything that lives on it. For imformations on specific products or companies we stock, please see individual listing descriptions.

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"We Believe... in a slower lifestyle that embraces the happy mistakes of being human. 

We choose to use 100% NATURAL or RECYCLED materials to make our products because our planet + well being are precious. 

We'd like to spread our happiness wide so every product is made by hand with KINDNESS and quality CRAFTSMANSHIP at a price that's affordable for the people.

 When buying an Art Equals Happy (or Alterknit Universe) product, our aim is for it to remind you about the GOOD THINGS in life, which will hopefully make the bad things feel less bad. 

Enjoy, Kim Smith."

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